20 Days|Kringle Countdown


One of my personal favorite Christmas-y albums is from a well-known movie made for the holidays: The Polar Express. Back when I enjoyed playing the flute, the score for The Polar Express had me humming all season long! But, the one song that kept my family spirit bright was When Christmas Comes To Town. I’ve added both the flute version and the full instrumental audio below, unobstructed by words.

Watch The Polar Express this season and let me know your favorite song from the movie! Happy Thursday!

(Intrumental Version)

(Flute Version)

From The Polar Express Soundrack

21 Days|Kringle Countdown

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer movie cover

For those of us who were decorating the 1st-grade halls in 2000 likely remember when this movie made its television debut. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer was beyond perfect for those who wanted to put a face the very song that gave this movie its name. As a kid, this movie was the highlight of my Christmas every year Cartoon Network was kind enough to show it. This movie is perfect for any family looking for a holiday film to jingle their kid’s bells!

22 Days|Idina Menzel


I adore this song! It’s Christmas at it’s best with a little bit of zest. First of all, I find that all the women in our lives need a little appreciation, especially around the holidays. But the idea that Idina Menzel made a song for Mrs. Claus tickles me pink and purple. Idina’s right about one thing, at least. Sometimes we overlook the women in our lives (single fathers too!) in lieu of material gifts during the holidays. I’m not saying go out and buy mom a new tennis bracelet on a half-maxed Visa, but a meaningful gift goes a long ways this season. 😉 Wrap it with an “I love you, thank you for all you do” and a bow to thank your personal Mrs. Claus. ❤

23 Days| A Cinderella Christmas


A Cinderella Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas fairytales. Angie, a hard-working event planner, does her best to run her uncle’s planning business while her cousin Candace takes the credit. When friends convince Angie to take off for a night of fun at the Christmas masquerade Ball, a mask and beautiful gown allow her to let loose, and she quickly catches the eye of Nicholas, a wealthy local bachelor. But when Angie has to go she takes more than her identity with her. Keen on revealing the identity of his mystery sweetheart, Nicholas mistakes Candice as his Cinderella. When Candice threatens to take the one thing Angie wants most Angie is caught between a lie and the business she wants so much. But as Angie plans Candice and Nicholas’ wedding, she finds something she willing to lose even less than her Uncle’s business: Nicholas’ heart. Stuck between her cousin and hard place, Angie must choose if following her heart is worth giving up her dream.

Dec 2| Kringle Countdown


As a December baby, I love winter and the holidays. Nothing is better than dancing in a sudden flurry on a beautiful cloudy day. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. This month isn’t just about celebrating the winter kids. We’re here to celebrate the awesomeness of the big Kringle himself–Santa Claus! So break out the candy cane spoons and hot cocoa because this month we’re honoring Chris Kringle with a holiday countdown of Christmas favorites!

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